How to stand out and attract high-quality candidates

Hiring is hard.

And most HR job-posting software isn't doing hiring managers any favors (I'm looking at you, Workday). So when I needed to hire 3 designers for my team, I knew the usual playbook wouldn’t cut it. We had a great team, but it wasn’t possible to display our team’s personality through a bland job post.

Also, there is a specific format our job posts had to be written in. I understand that it's important to have standardization across postings, but it didn't leave much room for creativity or give candidates a sense of what it's like to work at MX.

So, I went a little rogue and whipped up a FigJam board to promote my open roles. I introduced the team, pointed out some highlights of joining, and even showed samples of our work. (If candidates are expected to show their work, why aren't employers?)

Instead of posting a link directly to the job listing on LinkedIn, I posted a link to FigJam. It got quite a bit of attention, and most importantly, we hired 3 great people.

👉 Check it out 👈